FloArm Top SL502

Multi-component, solvent free, Epoxy resin based Self – Smoothening floor topping with a thickness of 2.0mm

Floarm Top SL502 is a 100 % solids containing free flowing , four component solvent free system in pre-weighed packing for on-site mixing. The finished floor provides a hard wearing, smooth, glossy, joint free, impervious and easy to clean treated surface. Additionally it has mild chemical and alkali resistance.

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

Engineering industries/ Auto industries

Clean rooms / Laboratories / Hospitals

Electronic Handling / Manufacturing

Semi—Conductor manufacturing

Benefits of Floarm Top SL502 :

Durable: Provides a hard , impact and abrasion resistant floor topping

Chemical resistant: good resistant to wide range of chemicals

Hygienic: Hygienic seamless floor which is easy to clean

Attractive: available in wide range of colours

Quick and Easy to apply

Decreased Friction and static charge formation

Does not support growth of bacteria and fungus