Armix EmmeCrete SP 111

High Performance, High Range Water Reducing & Retarding Admixture

Armix Emmecrete SP 111 is supplied as a brown liquid instantly dispersible in water Armix SP 111 has been specially formulated to give high water reductions up to 20% without loss of workability or to produce high quality concrete of reduced permeability.

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

Suitable for high performance concrete

To produce pumpable concrete

To increase workability without extra water

To improve cohesion, minimizing segregation and give better finish.

Benefits of Armix EmmeCrete SP 111 :

Improved workability – Easier, quicker placing and compaction.

Increased strength – Provides high early strength if water reduction is taken advantage of.

Increased quality – Denser, close textured concrete with reduced porosity and hence enhanced durability.

Higher cohesion – Risk of segregation an bleeding minimized; thus aids pumping of concrete