AquaArm UM

Flexible Cementitious Protective Coating

AquaArm UM is a highly flexible two Component Acrylic based polymer modified cold applied protective waterproofing Coating. It is resistant to water and moisture Can be applied in horizontal and vertical applications. It bridges static cracks and has good Elongation property. It is breathable system and does not effect the steel. The coating can be applied by spray, brush application.

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

Exterior (positive side) or interior (negative side)waterproofing of new or old

Below grade foundations

Balconies, plaza decks, in combination with a UV protection

Underneath tile mortars (showers, sanitary rooms,kitchens, pools, etc.)

Benefits of AquaArm UM :

Waterproof Cold applied membrane, Applied above or below grade

Elongation up to 30%

Has good Crack bridging property.

Solvent free – Environment friendly

No priming necessary in most cases

Breathable & Resists Hydrostatic pressure up to 5 bars.