Waterproofing System


  • Crystalline
  • Acrylic
  • External Coatings
  • Membrane
  • Cementatious
  • Poly Urea
  • Integral Waterproofing
  • Primers
  • Liquid Applied Polyurthine Membrane
  • Retail Range


A well-architected structure needs the right ingredients to take shape of a landmark that stands the test of time for generations. More than withstanding the ravages of climate, the choice of construction chemical material hence becomes a foundational decision for the future of the
structure. One of the rudimentary elements is water. Safeguarding the structure across all vulnerable areas with new age waterproofing solutions is now possible without a doubt.

Using MYK Arment’s technologically advanced range of waterproofing solutions, contractors can choose the right products based on the area of application and its location in the structure.