Armix Cure WB

Wax Based Curing Compound

The strength and durability of concrete mainly depends upon the concrete curing process/method. All the care taken in the selection of materials like mixing, placing, compaction etc will bring to naught if curing is neglected.

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

Can be used where water curing is practically a problem like Chimneys, and other highly placed structures and also segments of concrete where day to day monitoring of water curing is not possible.

Benefits of Armix Cure WB :

Protects freshly placed concrete against optimum hydration leading to stronger end hydration product Single Application: no external water curing or other source of curing is required good solar reflective, which keeps the concrete temperature low, especially a freshly laid concrete can be applied very easily.

Does not contains any contaminates like chlorine, sulphate etc which are harm full and effects the setting time of concrete Reliable, Ensures that cement hydrates efficiently.