AquaArm Super Coat

Water based coloured Waterproof coating

It is single component water based acrylic waterproof coating. It can be applied to most structural surfaces to make them waterproof. The coating is UV stable and highly reflective with high flexibility.


Area of Applications :

Roof chajjas, parapet walls and external walls.

Asbestos cement sheets roofs can also be waterproofed using scrim cloth or Aso Joint Tape at the junctions overlaps and J - bolts as reinforcement.

As a damp proof course applied under the first layer of bricks or blocks in masonry works.

Benefits of AquaArm Super Coat :

UV Stable hence can be used for external application, Seamless application.

Applied directly from the container

Single component and easily brush applied.

Breathable, cures to give a permanently flexible and resilient surface resistant to a wide range of temperatures

Can be used on wet surfaces and during rainy season.

Mechanical damages to the membrane can be easily be repaired by spot application.

No cleaning solvents are ‘required and can be washed off with water when it is still wet