AquaArm MultiCrete

Single Component Acrylic based Waterproofer & bonding agent

It is acrylic emulsion based, used as a cement modifier when applied, provides good bond with masonry/cement and thus improves the tensile & flexural strength properties of the mortar

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

Minor waterproofing of small terraces

Toilets, Chajja, Masonry Surfaces, Residential Water Tanks etc

As a bonding agent for old and new concrete/mortar useful as an adhesive for making repair mortars / concretes

Benefits of AquaArm MultiCrete :

Adhesion Strength to the base concrete surface is distincly improved

The tensile & flexural strength increases in comparison to the reference mix mortar

Excellent bond to stone work plaster compatible with all common hydraulic cement

Economical to use