ReArm Bond 4031

Two Component Resin-Based, Thixotropic, Multipurpose Adhesive

ReArm Bond 4031 is a two-component, solvent-free, 100% solids, high-modulus, non-sag, multipurpose bonding agent for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

Structural bonding of pre-cast elements such as segmental bridge units, crash barriers, parapets, curbs etc.

Fixing dowels and starter bars

Blow hole filling

Levelling undulated surfaces

Benefits of ReArm Bond 4031 :

Easy to mix, apply & clean

High early & final compressive, flexural, bond & tensile strengths

Resistant to many dilute acids, alkalis and solutions aggressive to concrete

Bonds to both dry & damp substrates

Bonds to many substrates such as mortar, steel, aluminium & glass

Two-colour coded components indicate mixing homogeneity once achieved

For horizontal, vertical and overhead application

Hardens without shrinkage

Excellent abrasion resistance

Innocuous once cured