FloArm DeckCoat EPU

4-Part solvent free hydrid Epoxy Textured Coating and Seal Coat for Car Parking Area and MLCPs

Floarm DeckCoat EPU is a four part, solvent free, coloured, resin based coating with thixotropic properties specially formulated for application in Car Parks.

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

For multi-storied and underground car parks.

Slip resistant coating for concrete and cement screeds.

Base & Seal coat for broadcast coatings for Ramp.

Can be subjected to medium to heavy mechanical and chemical loading.

Benefits of FloArm DeckCoat EPU :

Slip resistant non quartz finish

Good abrasion resistant

Good chemical resistance

Easy and fast application

Easy to clean

Good chemical and mechanical resistance

Easy application


Liquid impermeable / waterproof

Fuel resistant

Anti-carbonation properties

Semi-Glossy aesthetic finish