Armix Form FR9(M)

Oil Based Mould Release Agent

Armix Form FR9(M) is specially formulated blend of mineral oils and chemicals having release properties which are superior to those of conventional mould oil. The chemicals react with the alkali in the concrete to form a thin water repellent skin on the surface of the mould, thereby enabling easy striping from concrete and acting as a protection to steel and wooden formwork. Armix Form FR9(M) is supplied as a pale straw colored liquid ready for direct application and use.

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

To provide quick, clean and easy stripping of moulds, and formwork and ensure high quality fair-faced and stain-free concrete.

Benefits of Armix Form FR9 :

Ensures easy release, good fair-faced concrete

Can be used on all types of formwork

Reduces opportunity of damage to formwork, extending usable life.

Minimises cleaning of shutters before re-use