Armix SC 10

High strength, fast-setting, fiber reinforced, non-shrink, dry process cement-based shotcrete mortar

Armix SC 10 is ready–to use single component, fast-setting, high performance, high strength cement-based fiber reinforced, non-shrink, dry process shotcrete mortar. It is formulated to provide a durable structural repairing shotcrete mortar with high early strength, reduced rebound with a high build thickness without sagging.

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

Structural repair for large areas of reinforced repair where corrosion of the reinforcement such as bridges/dams, tanks, etc..

Rock stabilization.

Sealing & lining and repairing of tunnels, mine roadways, Spillways.

Concrete repairs in thick layer in one shot.

Benefits of Armix SC 10 :

Ready –to-use.


Low permeability, durable.

Non-toxic and does not contains harmful ingredients.

Chloride and nitrate-free.

High – build, can be applied up to 200-mm thickness at one shot.

Fiber-reinforced, no risk of cracking.

Reduced rebound.

Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel.

Fast early strength gain

Excellent abrasion and impact resitant.

Low dust and does not contains caustic accelerators