FloArm Hard Q

Dry shake Monolithic Non-metallic surface Hardener

Ready to use non-metallic floor and surface hardener, based on combination of natural and hard aggregates. The well graded grains/aggregates play an important role in the physical properties of abrasion and wear resistance.

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :


Lift Shaft

Industrial & Commercial


Benefits of FloArm Hard Q :

Good wear and abrasion resistant toping which are nondusting

Non-slip and anti skid even in areas where oil is spilled

Monolithic bond with the base concrete

Facilitates easy cleaning

Long life and low maintenance

It resists petrol, mineral oils etc

Non-rusting and thus trouble free

Increased strength and impact resistant

Suitable for repairs of old floors and toppings for new floor

About 1.5 times abrasion resistant compared to normal conventional concrete floor