AquaArm 2C

Two Component Flexible Crack Bridging Waterproof Coating

AquaArm 2C is an acrylic based polymer modified flexible UV stable, root resistant, cold applied and seamless waterproofing system. It sets fast and rapid rain proof. It bonds to wet surface and does not require primer. The coating has carbonation barrier hence can be applied after the structural repairs. The system is breathable. This system bridges static cracks, has got good Elongation and tensile elongation properties. The Coating can be applied by spray and by stiff brush.

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

Exterior waterproofing of old and new buildings

Waterproofing systems for high water heads

Horizontal waterproofing below masonry

Interior waterproofing against humidity from outside

Benefits of AquaArm 2C :

Hydraulic setting, Rapid rain proof in 3 – 5 Hrs @ 30 ° C

Resistance to water pressure up to 7 bars (+ve side)

Environment friendly & Breathable

Bonds on wet surface without priming Resistant to carbonation

Excellent crack bridging property.

Plant Root resistance & UV Resistance.

Resistant to aggressive water soil acids etc.