ReArm Gypsum Plaster

Fine Finish Gypsum Based Interior Plaster

ReArm gypsum Plaster is a factory produced, lightweight Gypsum Plaster, specially designed for hand and machine application.

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

A lightweight white skim plaster for walls constructed out of low, medium and high density block work, any other masonry substrate, cement or gypsum based base coats and plaster boards.

The products special composition allows the product to be finished smooth and is suitable to receive subsequent coatings of paint and wallpaper.

Benefits of ReArm Gypsum Plaster :

Pure White

Very smooth finish

Free from shrinkage cracks

Machine or Hand Application

Zero maintenance

Compatible with all type of paints

0.1 – 25 mm in single coat

Enhanced insulation property