ArmGrout Inject PU1

Injection resin for the waterproofing of water-bearing cracks

Armgrout Inject  PU1 resin is a solvent free polyurethane injection material. Armgrout Inject PU1  foams with water contact by high increase in volume and becomes a firm visco elastic foam, which seals temporarily against further water penetration followed by Armgrout Inject EP/Armgrout Inject PU4

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

Armgrout P1 is used for the injection of waterbearing cracks and joints in concrete and stone.

Is used for stoppage of water inflows from cracks, joints, etc.

Compacting of loose stones.

Benefits of ArmGrout Inject PU1 :

injection of water bearing cracks

Foams immediately with water