AquaArm Bridgeshield

Heavy Duty BridgeDeck Waterproofing Membrane

AquaArm BRIDGESHIELD is an A.P.P. (Atactic Polypropylene Plastomeric) type modified bitumen membrane, consisting of a specially formulated bituminous compound of distilled asphalt modified with selected high grade visco-elastic polymers and reinforced with a high quality non-woven 200g polyester carrier.

Downloads: TDSMSDS

Area of Applications :

Bridge decks

Car parks



Benefits of AquaArm Bridgeshield :

Excellent cold flexibility -5˚C

Excellent elongation

Heat welded laps provide a homogenous joint

Prefabricated membrane

Good elastic memory

Resistance to aggressive chemicals

Heavy weight non-woven polyester

High mechanical characteristics

High puncture resistance

Good elongation

Will not decay