Armix Pump AID L

A Liquid Admixture for Aiding the Pump Ability & Finish Ability of Concrete

Armix Pump AID L is an admixture designed to aid the pump ability and finish of concrete. ARMIX PUMP AID L prevents excessive wear of concrete pumps and increases output. ARMIX PUMP-AID L is non-flammable, non staining and essentially non-toxic.


Area of Applications :

Armix Pump AID can be used in all types of concrete and concrete products.

This product is especially suitable for concrete with the inclusion of manufactured sands, lean mixes, concretes with deficient grading and lack of fines, also for long pumping distances.

Benefits of Armix Pump AID L :

provides a thixotropic quality to the concrete that improves cohesiveness, workability, pumpability and finishability characteristics

Improves pump output

Reduces wear of concrete pumps and lines

Improves consistency of concrete flow

Reduces pump pressure

Supplied in liquid form for easy dispensing

Reduced segregation and bleeding

Enables the pumping of concrete containing harsh or porous lightweight concrete

Controls workability changes due to aggregate Variation