Repair of Railway Bridge

The client is Indian Railways, the engineering team of Railways has taken up repair / strengthening of one of the important under Pass Bridges between Secunderabad and Kazipet Section

The bridge is approx 100Years old, Constructed with masonry in Arch shape,

The engineering team has approached us for suggestions on arresting, strengthening and for protection of masonry

The engineering team has taken 5 days Block 10PM to 5AM and in that period the work is scheduled


The structure is very old, the traffic (trains passage is heavy), underpass Motor vehicles traffic is also heavy

In the Monsoon season water gets logged in the underpass

All these factors lead to deterioration

Current Concern / Issue:

Through pointing water seepage and dripping has started, some portion of the masonry pointing is damaged and disturbed which has further resulted in the deterioration


The need was a permanent solution to the leakages and protection to the masonry, as we cannot provide permanent solution recommended periodical strengthening and protection


The height at which the repair work to carry is the challenge and restriction of traffic movement, (Train and vehicular)

In consultation with execution team and client, MYK Arment technical cell has derived a solution to halt the seepage

Technical Team:

The site is inspected by Manager Technical Services studied the technical reports, and submitted the technical recommendations. The progress is monitored by visiting the site daily and deputed experienced Technical Supervisor in the site for guiding the execution team for proper execution


Length is approx. 300 mts.,

Height is approx. 5 mts.

Width is approx. 4 mts.

Duration of the project:

5 Days

Products Recommended:

ArmGrout Inject EP

ReArm Bond 4031