Multi Speciality Hospital

  • It is a prestigious project for the client; the management has decided to make the structure complete water tight.
  • In Building construction the technical snag is making quality concrete basically workmanship can make the concrete permeable which leads to seepage.
  • To avoid such the client consulted technical Cell of MYK Arment and followed the recommendations.
Current Concern:

The client is in Health Care service industry the equipments installed in the OT Rooms, therapy rooms etc are sensitive and expensive. The panel of doctors and management wants the hospital hygienic, and complete leak proof.

In this process MYK Arment Technical cell has recommended crystalline waterproofing system to the retaining wall and for raft foundation with collection pits.

The technical Committee in the Management has convinced with the technical presentation on the recommended system and awarded 2000 Sq Mtrs waterproofing work to MYK Arment.


The challenge was poor concrete practice, and collecting pits were not provided in the floor level raft foundation, due to which the thrust was very high.


The Solution provided by us has worked well and the client is very much satisfied the work completed in the 2013 till date MYK Arment Waterproofing systems kept the structure water tight.